Acrylic Birthday Nails Ideas

It’s your special day, so you deserve the most special of all presents: a fantastic manicure that is just as beautiful as you are. And that’s precisely what these acrylic birthday nails will give you! With a design crafted from pearls and gold threading on top of a clear base coat, these perfectly polished digits will make it impossible to resist praising your beauty.

Below is our compilation for the best acrylic birthday nail ideas.


Bling Nails

Add spruce of jewelry accent and gold-finished paint on your nail decoration.

Diamond’s tear

Put a drop or several diamonds on top of gradient-painted acrylic nails. Let them know the girl is in the house.


Birthday girl’s art

How about adding personality to your nails? Your stylized face on top of nude acrylic nails.


Transparent ice

Add blue sapphires over transparent nails for a guaranteed fresh look.

Acrylic Birthday Nails Ideas

Subtle maple

It screams delicacy. Like maple drinks or syrups, You can serve those for your birthday guests.


All That Glitters

Glitters can add the element of spark and joy to your party.

Polished snowfall

Apply a blue metallic color and paint textured glitters over them for a techie look.


Controlled chaos

It seems random at first, but if you notice, the glitters are stacked at the bottom, painted over a smoking blue base color.

City’s angel

Apply a dark blue as the base layer and put lighter colors on top of it. Ensure it’s on the same tone to make a dazzling look. You can see even with short nails. The art still stands out.

Acrylic Birthday Nails Ideas

Bubble dream

Transparent acrylic nails will give bright-colored glitters painted over it a chance to shine. It feels like you can drink to it—a perfect backdrop for your happy birthday song.


Disco funk

Without the cyan-colored drops and a dash of pink on top of the nude acrylic nails, your art will look dull with only glitters. Worry no more and apply this style.


Mashed-up pinkish

This fun setup is an eye-pleaser. On their own, the nude nails or star-themed paint will look dull, but not when they join forces.

Patterned Nails

The globe

I like this pattern because it’s calming and resembles mother earth somehow.

Acrylic Birthday Nails Ideas

Chain reaction

Look at those shiny hexagonal tiles. Who would have thought a blue icy smoke base could do well with copper-colored glitters?


Humble flowers

Apply short, transparent acrylic nails and paint a floral pattern over two of them. Put a dash of red and deep purple to the other nails. This is for you who likes adventure and, at the same time, just a simple girl.

Acrylic Birthday Nails Ideas

Remember the Date

The acrylic birthday nails ideas below emphasize the birthday date or names.

Birthday nails

Put the date on pointy acrylic nails for a nod to birthday hats. Put some variation with the gold-colored letters.

Simply nude

What if we told you, you can look fabulously gothic only with lettering and transparent-nude acrylic nails?


Fifty cent nails

This should be on the album cover, burned one hundred dollar bills, gold glitters, and pinkish base underneath Bugheds typeface lettering.

Acrylic Birthday Nails Ideas

Birthday Themed

The acrylic birthday nails ideas below are revolved around birthday themes and props.

The clown

Paint a smokey gradient on top of transparent acrylic nails. Blue and red colors from the clown will stand out among the crowd.

Acrylic Birthday Nails Ideas
source: Pinterest

Ice cream nails

Everybody loves ice cream. Apply pastel-colored acrylic nails and paint 3D cookies and ice cream over them.


Gothic witch

If your birthday is around October, you may want to apply this setup. A perfect addition to your broom and pointy hat.


Melted chocolate

High-spirited, energetic, fun-loving acrylic nails art. For you who cannot keep quiet.

Acrylic Birthday Nails Ideas

Pastel birthday

Candles, cakes, confetti are all the elements of a perfect birthday. Why don’t you snap them all on your nails?

Acrylic Birthday Nails Ideas

Purple gaze

Please put it on with a gown and perhaps a glass of wine for a birthday-candle light dinner hybrid party.


Sloppy Jane

A bit of this and a bit of that. A mixture of ethnicity, elegance, and purity on your nails. You must be fun at parties (we mean it).

Antipattern nails

Don’t let them stop you from putting fancy decorations on your nails.

Acrylic Birthday Nails Ideas

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