Dating Someone Who Lives an Hour Away?

Dating someone who lives an hour away is quite vague to be considered a long-distance relationship. A one-hour trip is doable, as many of us need this much time for commuting to work. But in the relationship, it indeed might generate some problems. We’ll discuss more the ups and downs of dating someone who lives … Read more

Why are Stand Mixers so Expensive?

why are stand mixers so expensive

Stand mixer, handheld mixer, there are so many options in the mixer categories. One question raised in mind why are stand mixers so expensive from the other choices? Indeed, there is an excellent reason behind it.  Stand mixers are not just a bowl and a whisk. They have so many attachments and settings that the … Read more

Making The First Move: Give Him My Number

When it comes to the relationship between man and woman, many still think that men should always make the first move. But things don’t have to work like that. Maybe you’re wondering, can I give him my number without him asking? Of course, you can! After we have explained that, we’ll talk more about this … Read more

Crop Tops With High Waisted Skirt, D.I.Y Project and Ideas

You can’t underestimate the value of crop tops with a high-waisted skirt. Even though they’re sold at $20 as this piece is highly versatile. Whether you’re pairing the skirts up with denim shorts or a patterned midi skirt, a crop top fits just fine. This clothing is fantastic as it always keeps me cool in … Read more