Best Primer for Oily Skin, Divided by Categories

There’s a difference between radiant skin (read: a subtle radiance from strategic highlighter) and greasy skin. Oily skin implies a continuous fight to keep your makeup from melting off, and if you add in him, at, and humidity may begin to seem like a hot mess—the solution to all this: a primer.

Like primers for paint, “makeup guides are used after skincare and before foundation to prep skin and aid makeup last longer throughout the day,” says Vincent Oquendo, Maybelline New York brand name ambassador. These cosmetic solutions utilize ingredients like silicones to momentarily complete or “spackle over” textural abnormalities such as pores and fine lines, leaving a silky-smooth canvas behind.

Products formulated especially for oily skin “usually include absorbent particulates that absorb oils from the skin and have a more powdery feel,” states Birnur Aral, Ph.D., director of the Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab. Your best choice for a shine-free surface? Words like mattifying, oil-free, or pore-minimizing on the product packaging.

The Lab tests hundreds of skincare and charm products. While we have never run a test specifically for primers for oily skin, we’ve tested plenty of primers, keeping elements like skin smoothing, ease of application, and pore blurring in mind. In our last guide test, we had consumers rate guides based upon factors like ease of use, performance, and total fulfillment. Given that we can test primers on a range of skin types, we know which formulas assist keep oily skin at bay.

Oil-controlling primers, my most recent discovery, assure not just to make your makeup stay put all day (which is hard enough to achieve when you have a shiny skin tone), but likewise to combat over-enthusiastic oil production. These products normally include polymers that simultaneously bind the foundation with your skin while likewise creating a smooth finish– the ideal canvas for makeup. An even, sheen-free surface and makeup that lasts all day.

We all make an effort to make the skin look better when we go outside. Primer will assist you in getting this easily.

Primer and Its Uses

You have typically become aware of lipstick, eyeliner, structure. Nevertheless, the guide has lots of advantages for you. Primer is a cream-like structure. You must clean and use this on your face. This will make the pimples, wrinkles, pimples, and blemishes on your face vanish. The guide will be a great foundation to apply to your foundation and concealer carefully. It will also secure your makeup from liquifying for a long period of time.

Again my skin becomes oily and dull. One day, I came to know the details about the cosmetic item called Primer in the option to prevent this.

Now, set aside the blotting documents and try one of these undercover wonders instead. Below, we’ve assembled the very best primers for oily skin based on Lab testing, editor favorites, and top-reviewed picks.

Best Mattifying Primer: Maybelline Face Studio Master Prime Primer

It reduces the redness cheeks and really allows the foundation to last 10+ hours. It is visually blurring away specific skin concerns. This primer is developed with a water-soluble base and active components that refine the look of skin for makeup that lasts all day.

I can’t say if it’s the best, but I’ve been using Maybelline’s Master prime anti-redness primer. And I really like it! – Sakshi

Best Vegan Primer: Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Primer

This is a vitamin C-powered illuminating makeup primer that delivers instantaneous radiance while improving and extending makeup wear.

It also consists of brightening pigments to bring glows to the whole skin tone. It can be used under makeup, mixed in with structure, or used alone. This product creates a dewy, healthy-looking glow.

Most importantly, this product is vegan.

best primer for oily skin

I am very fond of Ole Henriksen’s banana bright primer, it gives very smooth and glowing skin. Smells good too (although it has no significance so far) Uses it often daily without any foundation at all since it gives such a smooth skin and glow.

I have a different skin type than you since I have dehydrated, thirsty and sensitive skin, but banana bright primer is for all skin types. It is a bit expensive, but lasts a long time. A big plus is that it pulls in quickly and does not lie like a film / mask over the skin. – skruf

Best Primer for Smooth Skin: Tatcha The Silk Canvas

While the primer creates a rather fresh, silky appearance on your skin, it also lessens excess shine, which is excellent for those with oily skin. The Silk Canvas also helps your makeup go on more uniformly, whether it’s cream, liquid, or powder, and enables items to look more pigmented on your skin. Also, the name “silk” comes from when you’re wearing silk. You won’t feel anything because it’s on the same amino acid.

survivor each

Tatcha’s Liquid Silk Canvas Featherweight Protective Primer is designed to transform anyone who thinks they don’t require primer. And sure, you don’t need anything, however here’s the thing: Not only does it makes skin feel amazing, but it also provides it a look that can only be referred to as otherworldly. If you wear any kind of foundation or BB cream, it will just get better paired with one pump of Silk Canvas. – Byrdie

Best Primer With SPF: Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF 30

It has an innovative multifunctional formula, anti-aging treatment, a makeup primer, and SPF 30 sun protection. You can definitely notice an improvement once the foundation is applied.


The lightweight formula merges the skin and provides an instantaneous improvement in the look of pores and great lines. It does not offer as dramatic an immediate result as some of the much heavier silicone-based primers that I have tried, but I more than happy with that as none are this multi-tasking.

It’s become my go-to under makeup but it’s expensive and is basically a silicone primer with sunscreen. It is non-greasy, mattifying, and clear. I like the way it goes on but it is a chemical sunscreen so probably not as good as a mineral one for skin health. – petite_chic

Best Long Lasting Makeup Primer: e.l.f Matte Putty Primer

When you’ve been utilizing makeup daily religiously, you feel in one’s bones if something is meant for you when it concerns trying new items out. After using this primer for a couple of days, I knew that I lastly discovered that this is the one!

best primer for oily skinThe Elf Matte Putty Primer is instilled with Kaolin and White Charcoal to absorb excess oil for a shine-free surface. Furthermore, this guide claims to slide over the skin for a poreless result and the supreme grip on makeup. This guide has the same product packaging as the original poreless putty primer. It comes in a fragile acrylic jar with 0.74 oz of item. The only distinction with the Matte guide is that it appears white while the original has a pink color.

This primer truly works to keep your skin matte and it really keeps your oils at bay all while smoothing out your pores! Honestly, the best of all of the worlds. I found that even 7 hours after using my makeup, there was no shine glancing through whatsoever, which is absolutely SHOCKING for me. How can I say this primer deals with such self-confidence? Usually, as part of my makeup routine, I like to set my makeup with a mattifying spray to actually secure my makeup for the day to ensure the oils don’t actually peek through. – simplybeautyblog

Best Primer for Mature Skin: Lancôme La Base Pro Perfecting Makeup Primer

Oil-free, it soaks up rapidly, permitting uncomplicated makeup application. Eye shadow and blush mix perfectly, while face powder and foundation stay all day. It’s using Lancôme’s Elasto-Smooth innovation, this face primer fine-tunes skin’s texture and diffuses light. It visibly decreases flaws and produces a smooth base.

From naked makeup to a smokey eye look, La Base Pro works well with every event. Even more with mature skin or fine lines.

I was trying Lancome’s La Base Pro. I find that the foundation I use makes a *huge* difference with oiliness! – Bridget S.

Best Brightening Primer: Touch In Sol No Pore Blem Primer Base

It has a soft and silky texture with a tint of pink color. The Pore Blem cover complex covers large pores, wrinkles, and unequal skin into a smooth and sleek surface. The sebum-catching powder controls excessive sebum to keep the skin from oily appearance for long-enduring hours and transforms the skin into a smooth velvet-like texture.

best primer for oily skin

I’ll admit – I totally bought this because it was all over Reddit. And…I love it!!! I’ve never understood the point of primer but now I get it. This makes my skin baby smooth, sinks in, and makes the perfect base for my foundation. I use Nar’s sheer glow which can emphasize pores if you don’t wear primer. This primer makes me look poreless lol. I love it! Don’t like that it’s scented, but would repurchase. I’m done looking for “the one”. – Claud9

Best Primer for Acne Scars and Sensitive Skins: Ilia True Skin Radiant Priming Serum

This silicone-free, fragrance-free primer preps skin for the smooth application while providing a natural barrier against pollution– providing a not-so-basic base. Its silky texture transforms on contact to provide a visibly tightening effect: firming the look of skin and improving the appearance of pores and fine lines while leaving skin radiant.

It’s consisted of Beta Glucan that helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Hibiscus to protect against free-radical damage, and Mastic to mattify and refine skin throughout the day.

I have sensitive acne-prone skin and I’m obsessed with this primer. Using it alone, evens and calms my complexion and whenever I wear makeup, it keeps the makeup in place all day without smudging. – catab14

Best Primer for Blurring Skin: Pure Canvas Blurring Primer

Instilled with Microalgae and Blurring Powders, the primer conditions skin gradually for a clear, more even-looking skin tone. This primer helps in reducing shine and soaks up oil for long-lasting makeup coverage. Its strong point is for blurring effect on the skin.

This leaves a wonderful finish to the skin. I’m a media makeup artist! This with an SPF powder and done – CBG Grace

Best Primer for Large Pores: Smashbox Pore Minimizing Photo Finish Foundation Primer

Mattify, shine, and minimize the look of pores with this award-winning primer. The waterproof, non-drying gel formula won’t block pores and dramatically smooths while prepping skin for structure. This item is also skin specialist checked.

This product is an Attraction Best of Beauty award winner. Reduces the look of defects and soaks up and pores oil for as much as 8 hours.

I’m quite shocked at the negative reviews. I have oily and scarred skin and this has been a lifesaver. Maybe it does depend on what foundation you use? I use just a regular old drug store Marcelle foundation that has always been my favorite. I apply the foundation with my fingers then take a beauty blender and beat my face with it. It’s the first time in my life I haven’t had to run into the bathroom every hour to powder everything. This, the Marcelle foundation, Laura Mercier’s powder, and Urban Decay’s all-nighter spray are my oily skin kryptonite. – RissaMP


People who are well-known to have oily skin like breakout-prone or have an acne problem will need a primer. It will ensure that the makeup doesn’t clump and go into the pores to produce more oil. The primer is also able to transfer on an airbrush so they can receive their desired makeup look. We hope you find this article helpful and the chosen product can enhance your makeup routine.


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