All About Halal Nail Polish: What are Your Choices?

Nail polish has been debated for a while in the Muslim community. Some believe that nail polish interferes with wudu, an ablution or cleansing. Therefore, manufacturers created Halal nail polis, a new type of nail polish designed for Muslim women. It is an integral part of Muslim culture because it allows them to enjoy the … Read more

Acrylic Birthday Nails Ideas

It’s your special day, so you deserve the most special of all presents: a fantastic manicure that is just as beautiful as you are. And that’s precisely what these acrylic birthday nails will give you! With a design crafted from pearls and gold threading on top of a clear base coat, these perfectly polished digits … Read more

How to Use Acrylic Powder Without Acrylic Liquid?

how to use acrylic powder without acrylic liquid

Gel and acrylic nails have been prevalent for a while now. With the rise of these manicures, new talons appear on the scene: dip-powdered nails. Although the powder may seem like a new look, the trend has been around for some time. This article will go through them and how to use acrylic powder without … Read more

Sono Bello Before and After Pictures? Check thi

Here we compiled before and after pictures of Sono Bello’s various procedures, ranging from laser fat removal (they’re calling it Trisculp), excess skin removal, and chin extra fat removal. We haven’t found a testimony about male chest reduction yet. We’ll keep it updated with the stories and pictures. We took them from various sources, blogs, … Read more