Crop Tops With High Waisted Skirt, D.I.Y Project and Ideas

You can’t underestimate the value of crop tops with a high-waisted skirt. Even though they’re sold at $20 as this piece is highly versatile. Whether you’re pairing the skirts up with denim shorts or a patterned midi skirt, a crop top fits just fine. This clothing is fantastic as it always keeps me cool in the summer without carrying extra weight on my body as clothing. 

In this post, we’ll give you some fashion advice and inspirations on crop tops that you can wear on a high waist skirt. Before moving into this, we’ll take a little detour into the African way and have a look at some African high waist skirts, after which we’ll cover some crop tops that you can wear with a high waist skirt. As a bonus, we’ll take a look at ways to make your DIY crop tops. So, let’s jump into it.


African High Waist Skirts

High waist African (Ankara) skirts made it to the top of the fashion in 2018. It perfectly resonates with African culture while keeping its style. Let’s look at some fantastic African (Ankara) high waist skirts that you can pair with a crop top. 

Lace and Glossy Flare Style

crop tops with high waisted skirt

Pairing your crop top with lace and a glossy high-waisted skirt will be a perfect match as this skirt is highly fashionable and lit.

Glamorous Flare Style

This African style looks excellent on any top, especially a crop top. It is an Ankara print blue mini flared skirt that will fit so perfectly well.

Orange Happiness Flare Style

crop tops with high waisted skirt

This skirt goes with a white printed crop top as it’s a wide band high waist flared skirt. A fantastic feature of this high waist skirt is that it is embellished with pocket details. It’s a stunning style that’ll fit just perfectly well with that top, giving you a glamorous look. 

How to make your DIY crop Tops

We will turn an old shirt into your crop top without sewing, one of the elements to make crop tops with a high-waisted skirt.

  • Pick an old shirt that you desire to turn into a crop.

You can choose any shirt or sweatshirt. Just pick one that fits you very well or is a little loose if you wish to add ties in the front of it. Ensure you make a crop top out of a t-shirt, an old button-down shirt, or even a fitting tank top, and also pick a shirt you’re okay cutting because when this process is over, you will fully transform this shirt.

  • Mark out a crop top length you wish to cut.

crop tops with high waisted skirt

Wear the shirt you wish to use and stand right in front of a mirror. Roll the bottom of the shirt, fold it up, and have a little fun with different lengths until you get the one you want. Usually, a crop top length is placed a few inches above the belly button, but you can choose to add or reduce the size. It’s all based on preference. It’s your shirt. Use chalk or any tool to mark the length you’ve chosen. 

Remove the lower part you chose to cut.

crop tops with high waisted skirt

Using scissors, cut off the shirt from the point you’ve marked. Lay your shirt on a flat hard surface and flatten it. Ensure the shirt is smooth with no bumps on it and also no rough edges.

Make two triangle strips of the fabric to secure the shirt if you wish

Giving a little style is going to help in a way. If you wish to secure your crop top at the front, avoid cutting it around the top. Form two triangle strips at the front of the shirt so you can use them as ties.

Cut along the collar and remove it.

crop tops with high waisted skirt

This step is also based on preference. You can choose to leave the collar if you like the way it looks. However, you can cut it off for a lower and sexy neckline. Put the top on a hard and flat surface before you cut off the collar. Ensure there are no wrinkles in the cloth and the seam lines of the shirt are even after you cut off the collar. As a caution note, avoid cutting a large part of the hem at first. Cut a slight amount, try the top on, and then if it isn’t as you want, cut another till you get the perfect match.

Remove the sleeves of the shirt if you want a sleeveless crop top.

If you’re using a shirt with sleeves, you can do well to remove it for a simple look. Cut along the inside of the shoulder seams of the shirt with scissors to remove the sleeves. To create more profound openings at the sides of the shirt, try cutting out a long sleeve.

crop tops with high waisted skirt

Making a crop top (Sewing)

Select one yard of a fabric that is stretchy

crop tops with high waisted skirt

Go for any stretchy material or a cotton jersey that you wish to make your crop top. This fabric will help ensure the crop top is fitting and not too stiff and heavy on the body. Avoid using fabrics like wool, leather, and velvet as they tend to be severe and rigid.

Take the required measurements.

Taking an accurate measurement will aid in making a crop top that fits you well. With your fabric measuring tape, get the circumference of your waist, upper arms, and then your bust. Jot down these measurements. Get the sizes of the core where you want the base of the crop top to fall, and measure the most comprehensive parts of your upper arms and bust.

Cut out two pieces using the measurements of your bust, waist gotten at first.

Fold your material in half and have a rectangle drawn on it that’s half the width of the measurement of your bust on one side and another half the width of your waist measurement. The rectangles should, however, be the length of the distance between the waist and bust.

Cut out two pieces for your sleeves if you want sleeves.

Draw a rectangle on a piece of folded fabric with the total circumference width of your arm at the desired length of sleeves. Cut along the lines and get two equally-sized sleeves. You can choose to make the sleeves short or can even leave them long. It’s all based on preference here. 

Lay your shirt on a hard surface and stretch.

crop tops with high waisted skirt

Sew the two body pieces together to make the edges on the fabric’s wrong (back) face. Stitch it in a zigzag manner as this pattern is best for stretchy sewing fabrics to stretch the material more.

Fold the already cut portion for the sleeves and sew in a zigzag manner.

Fold the sleeves at the wrong face of the material and then sew in a zigzag manner from the raw edges of the fabric. Ensure you clear off the excess threads from the edges of the sleeves to get a neat job done there. 

Finally, attach the sleeves to the sides of your crop top. 

Before doing this, you can choose to hem the sides of the fabric or leave it that way. 

After that, with the sleeves and the body of the crop top inside out, attach a corner of the one sleeve’s inner seam to the top corner of your crop top. After this, sew a straight stitch (not zigzag) in a diamond or square shape at the joints where the body fabric and the sleeve align. 

crop tops with high waisted skirt

With all these, you’ve successfully made a fitting crop top that you can rock on any high-waisted skirt. You’ve got a thumbs up from me on this one. That was great.

Crop tops to wear with a high-waisted skirt.

Coming down to the main business of the day, we’ve researched some crop tops online, and we present to you the best of crop tops with a high-waisted skirt. Mind you, these designs come in a variety of designs and prices, so no matter your budget, there’s certainly one that’s going to fit.

Free People Ladybug Crop Top

crop tops with high waisted skirt

BP. Print Smocked Crop Top

UO Virginia Plaid Patchwork Cropped Halter Top

crop tops with high waisted skirt

Out From Under Gigi Lace Trim Bra Top

Free People Nimo Wrap Crop Top

crop tops with high waisted skirt

H & M Ribbed Tank Top with Buttons

Truly Madly Deeply High-Neck Cropped Tank Top

crop tops with high waisted skirt


crop tops with high waisted skirt

H & M Knot-Detail Top

crop tops with high waisted skirt

UO step sister Ribbed Cropped Cami

H & M Smoked Off-the-Shoulder Top

BP. Plaid Woven Crop Tee

crop tops with high waisted skirt

Topshop Laundered Buckle Detail Crop Blouse

Out From Under Hailey Seamless Plunging Bra Top

crop tops with high waisted skirt

ASTR the Label Esther Sleeveless Ruffle Crop Top

crop tops with high waisted skirt

UO Romeo Puff Sleeve Cropped Top

UO Natural Surplice Cropped Top

Reformation Framboise Off-the-shoulder Top

crop tops with high waisted skirt

So girls, there we have it, crop tops with a high-waisted skirt. They’re made in a variety of designs at different prices. So, if you can’t create a crop top yourself for some reason, you can also purchase one of the above-listed choices. 



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