Dating Someone Who Lives an Hour Away?

Dating someone who lives an hour away is quite vague to be considered a long-distance relationship. A one-hour trip is doable, as many of us need this much time for commuting to work. But in the relationship, it indeed might generate some problems.

We’ll discuss more the ups and downs of dating someone who lives an hour away. Along with the effort, you can work together for things to get better.


Risky for Early Stage of Dating 

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Dating someone who lives an hour away could be pretty difficult when you’re just starting the relationship. In the early stage, you’re just about to get to know each other better. An hour’s distance could make things complicated because both of you couldn’t meet often.

Furthermore, the feelings in the early stage are not that deep yet. You and your partner may not be willing to take an hour trip, wondering whether it’s worthy of doing so. And the trust between both of you is not profoundly developed yet, so there is a higher risk of misunderstanding and other possible problems.

Prone to Conflicts

dating someone who lives an hour away
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As you can’t see each other every day, it is prone to conflicts no matter how long the relationship is. Your schedules may clash with each other, even though you both are trying to make it work. The distance might make you and your partner exhausted, be it only for one or both of you. 

And, of course, nothing beats meeting face-to-face. You might be having a hard time missing your partner, so do they. 

Give The Space Needed

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Despite all the downs, dating someone who lives an hour away also has a brighter side. This gives you and your partner the space that both of you need. A couple doesn’t always need to spend every minute together, as you both have your activities and needs. 

And because you got the space needed, you will get quality time together. That time will be felt so precious because both of you can’t meet often. Every time you meet with your partner will become more meaningful. You and your partner might be appreciating the time together and won’t take it for granted.

Things You Need to Work Out

dating someone who lives an hour away
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While dating someone an hour away is doable, both of you still need to make efforts to make it work. Here are some things you could do:


To make the relationship work, you can’t just depend on one person’s effort. Both of you need to make an effort, and compromising is one of them. If it’s hard to meet in one’s place, compromise and set a meeting point in the middle. 

If you can’t find a good place in the middle, take turns to visit each other. With this, no one will get too tired because of taking a long trip every time. No one will feel like making too much more sacrifice than another, too.

Communication and trust

These two elements have higher importance when you’re separating by distance from your partner. Make sure that the communication is going well between you and your partner. Take full advantage of technology, as you can use many apps to get connected with your partner.

And here’s the essential thing in a relationship: trust. Please give your complete confidence on your partner, as to how they also provide the same. When you let go of faith, anxiety and misunderstanding will eat up your relationship. 

In The End, Distance Measured by The Heart

dating someone who lives an hour away
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It may sound cringy, but it’s the truth. The distance between you and your partner will help you decide whether they are worthy of all the efforts and sacrifices. If you love your partner so much, those things won’t become the obstacle for the relationship. The same thing goes for your partner.

If the opposite thing happens, both of you will grumble in and out about making efforts. This can also shapes the relationship. Both of you might need to reconsider the relationship before going further.

The distance makes both of you feel inconvenience, of course. But how you and your partner deal with it are more important than the distance itself. It is just one of many problems in the relationship. And every relationship indeed has its problems.


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