What is a General Chapter

What is a General Chapter

The General Chapter of 2019 will be the 21st General Chapter of the Roman Union. 

A Chapter is an important event in the journey of our Institute. It is a moment of grace and of celebration of our charism in gratitude. A moment to move forward in love, hope and faith to renew our commitment as an Institute. A moment to listen to the Holy Spirit in order to perceive our future direction and find new energy to renew our Ursuline life and mission in the Church and the world of today.

It is also “a sign of unity in charity”. Its “function is to protect the patrimony of the Institute….and to promote an appropriate spiritual and apostolic renewal.” (Art. 172) (Canon 631) The patrimony of the Institute is the charism of Saint Angela and our traditions lived over the centuries. To protect them we must see how they can be best lived today; to serve the people of today’s world.

The capitulants come from every part of the Institute. The Chapter represents the whole and, while it is in session, is the supreme authority in the Institute. All the members have equal responsibility. It is collegial. We are here as a body. The delegates are not at the Chapter for their own interests or the interests of their Province, but for the interests of the whole Body.

The capitulants have also to elect the general government, to deal with matters of greater importance concerning the spiritual and apostolic life, government, financial administration of the Institute, and perhaps, to issue decrees which all members of the Institute are bound to obey.

The theme of this 21st General Chapter is a Global Community moving into new life…… At this Chapter the capitulants will go through a process of sensing where we are as an Institute and what we need to let go of. With all that comes from the Provincial Chapters, they will explore the future for the whole body. The two key questions will be: 

  • Who is God calling us to be in this emerging future? 
  • What is God calling us to do in this emerging future? 

We pray: “open our eyes to the needs of the time so that we may carry forward the work of St. Angela” in the world of today.