All About Halal Nail Polish: What are Your Choices?

Nail polish has been debated for a while in the Muslim community. Some believe that nail polish interferes with wudu, an ablution or cleansing. Therefore, manufacturers created Halal nail polis, a new type of nail polish designed for Muslim women.

It is an integral part of Muslim culture because it allows them to enjoy the beauty of nail polish without worrying about the ingredients that might be included in their favorite colors or hindering the procession from the application. 


What Must You Consider for Halal Nail Polish?

One of the requirements of prayer (salat) is ablution (wudu). Ablution is not correct without water reaching every bit of the parts you need to wash. Many Muslim women only wear nail polish on their periods, when we are exempt from salat. Most women find this to be too much effort.

halal nail polish

Muslim women often color/stain their nails with water-permeable products, like henna and dyes made from burnt sugar, coffee, or tea. There are many synthetic dyes available, too, as well as the Sharpie. Another consideration is the allowed amount of alcohol in the product. It must not be overpowering the primary substance.

Halal nail polish is breathable and allows oxygen and water to pass through. The technology behind this nail polish is similar to that of contact lenses, which are permeable and let water and air go through. The permeability of the polish makes it so that oxygen and excess moisture can travel more quickly out of the polish.

Halal polish is also commonly used in the Islamic faith, as its porousness allows those who wear nail polish to participate in Wudu. The benefits of breathable nail polish combat waterlogged nails. Breathable polishes tend to have fewer harsh chemicals than more traditional nail polishes. Oxygen can penetrate through the polish as it dries, allowing you to have a shorter wait time for your nails to dry completely.

How do I Identify if My Nail Polish is Breathable?

Halal makeup is vegan-friendly, free of drying alcohol, and breathable and water permeable. Historically, Muslim women couldn’t consume nail polish because of wudu. Wudu is a ritual of cleaning. To be performed in the correct (halal) use, water must reach all of the obliged parts in the procession.

Over the preceding few years, several companies have propelled breathable nail polish and have made numerous claims that they are halal or allowable for ablution.

The most popular method of doing the permeability test with breathable nail polish is putting a few droplets of water on the dry polish and then brushing the water for several seconds.

The scientific nature of the tests to test these polishes has often been flawed for several reasons driving false-positive results. Several errors can occur when doing a permeability test on nail polish. Be sure to be aware of possible experimental errors on your preferred brands, as they can lead you to incorrect conclusions.

Rubbing water drops

The most popular and most accessible way to test the permeability of breathable nail polish is by applying a few drops of water. But from an objective scientific perspective, this method can result in false results in some situations. Contamination of the water and nail polish may occur if the experimenter is not using any gloves.

If you’ve noticed any online videos, you’ll see that all the experiments have been done bare-handed. It might lead to false results because you can’t measure different levels of pressure on each experiment.

Although each company recommends different periods for rubbing the polish, none mention how much pressure should be applied. The addition of friction may also cause micro-abrasions on surfaces and may damage nail enamel as well.

If you scrub hard enough, you could burn a hole through the surface of any paper product. The creation of these micro-abrasions may allow water to pass through, creating a false-positive result.

Henna/Mehndi permeability test

Using henna as a nail polish base can lead to false-positive results. Henna dyes contain a molecule called lawsone, which is almost insoluble in water. Water doesn’t just hold it, and it dissolves it. This molecule connects with proteins found in skin, nails, and hair.

halal nail polish

When implemented on the surface of nail polish, it may penetrate through nail polish. However, it will leave behind any water or moisture that you mix with it. Unless the nail polish is thoroughly water permeable, the water molecules will not permeate through with the henna.

Peeled nail polish

Nail polish has been peeled off a hard surface and installed on a porous surface. This process produces a false negative due to the consumption of the peeled nail polish.

Think of nail polish as a balloon with holes spread over a rough surface. When extended, the spots become large (hence allowing water molecules to pass through). The water channels/pores of nail polish contract and miniaturize. This stops the water from passing through the nail polish.

The water permeability test does not work on paper, napkins, or coffee filters.

Use of these coverings for the Water Permeability Test may result in false positives due to the nature of the material. Various paper-based surfaces you can coat with water repellent chemicals such as starch. This is done to enhance the shelf life of the goods.

For this reason, to perform the Water Permeability Test, it is advised to use untreated paper towels. When it comes to halal nail polish, there are always going to be various thoughts.

The fact that we live in the age of information means that it’s always within reach. You have to take a few seconds – whether it’s your local Imam, your high school science teacher, or the companies themselves. The excellent point is that we live in the age of knowledge, and it’s constantly at our fingertips. 

The best halal nail polish brands


In 1975 celebrity hairstylist Jeff Pink created a nail style for actresses that they could change easily without having their hair done repeatedly. This idea became a nail polish company, successfully owned by Pink’s family ever since. All polish options possess breathable colors that prevent chipping and peeling.

Formulas are imbued with argan oil, pro-vitamin B5, and vitamin C. This is a brand that sticks! The polish didn’t chip after I wore it for over a week, and the range of water-permeable colors they have is just gorgeous. It’s also Wudu friendly and ablution safe.

Orly debuted its innovative Breathable Treatment + Color line. The notion first came to be in 2013 when Inglot came out with its O2M Breathable Nail Enamel. The molecules that make up water-and air-permeable formulas feature a more staggered structure.

The water permeability formula has the ability for water molecules to penetrate the nail polish. We love them because Their selection boasts 24 beautiful colors in a rainbow of vivid hues.


halal nail polish

Inglot was one of the first cosmetic businesses to create a water-permeable nail polish with the O2M Breathable Nail Enamel line back in 2013. Over 95% of their products are made in-house in their facilities to ensure quality ingredients and fair prices.

Mersi Cosmetics Vegan

The breathable nail polish from this Muslim brand not only looks great and is easy to put on, but it also tackles racism and other injustices. Available in many shades, from neutral to vibrant.


Amara means “sweetheart” or “dear” in Arabic. This is one of the most permanent Halal nail polish brands I tried. 

Tuesday in Love

Tuesday in Love comes in a rainbow of shades and offers an instructional video test for its customers. Unlike many other names, Tuesday in Love is so porous that no pressure or rubbing during Wudu is necessary.

786 Cosmetics

halal nail polish

The best Halal nail polish brands keep non-Muslim nails healthy. 786 Cosmetics is Halal certified and vegan-friendly on top of being cruelty-free.

You can safely use these polishes, knowing they contain no toxins. The limited-edition colors and names for the line are inspired by and pay tribute to Muslim cities worldwide.

For example, the Jaipur tone is a fun and flirty pink that takes inspiration from the Indian city. Dubai mimics sand sparkling in the desert sun, and Marrakech is a bold red in homage to the “Rose City.” We love them because they are reasonably priced.

Maya Cosmetics

Maya Cosmetics is IFANCA certified, 9-free, vegan, and verified water permeable by SGS testing labs. For Muslims, their site includes a particular wudu tutorial, with instructions on taking special care while washing the nails. Maya Cosmetics is an ethical brand that gives back to the community. Last year, they worked with numerous Non Profit Organisations.

Niya Cosmetics

This UK-based business is one of the best Halal nail polish brands ever. Fourteen free means no nasty chemicals, artificial fragrances, toxic fumes, gluten, or animal products.


halal nail polish

Nailberry’s award-winning 12-free, vegan-friendly polishes are inspired by nature, health, and wellness. They have a perfect collection for the spring and summer that features pastel pinks, purples, and reds. They’re also certified by the International Halal Integrity Alliance.

Vivre Breathe

halal nail polish

We love Vivre because Their collections are organized by mood and theme. There’s the unbiased Coffee Collection, the sparkly Wedding Collection, and the colorful Fruity Collection. The packaging and containers of this polish line are a pure extravagance, while the cheekily-hued names like Nudes? They also offer a fantastic array of lipsticks that last just as long as their polishes do!


halal nail polish

Farima Hakkak, the founder of nail polish brand LACC, was born in Lebanon but moved to San Francisco when she was a child. Her mission has always been to inspire women around the world to follow their hearts.


Traditional polish is denser, which means that water molecules are less likely to pass through it. This is good for nail health because nails get their oxygen & nutrients from the bloodstream, not the environment. Covering nails with water may not be a good idea for their health. Use them sparsingly.

When in doubt, use brands with halal-certified like Orly or Maya cosmetics, and further safety measures, use henna like your sisters used to do in the times of Muhammed. Henna stays for as long as your nail lasts. It doesn’t chip and solve; it fades. The only downside is that you have to leave on the henna for two hours or more.

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