How To Use Eyeshadow Wet? A Guide for Dashing Look

For many women, using makeup is the same as doing the art of painting on the face. It makes them confident, and also, when not using makeup, they feel like their faces will look pale, lethargic, and less vibrant. There are several types of makeup that women must own for dressing up at informal events and daily activities. Let’s see what the types of makeup are;

  1. Moisturizer
  2. Foundation
  3. Blush On
  4. Powder
  5. Eyeliner
  6. Eyebrow Pencil
  7. Eyeshadow
  8. Mascara
  9. Lipstick
  10. Micellar water

Among the types of makeup above, we will discuss Eyeshadow. Eyeshadow is one type of makeup that is used to beautify the eyes. While it is often used to shade or “shadow” the eyes, it is also used to brighten and make the eyes appear larger. Many popular eyeshadows come in powder and powder form, but there are also creams and liquids. Cream eyeshadow should be applied above the crease of the eye and is not recommended for the under-eye areas, as it can develop a crepe-like texture, which adds to the look of the eyes over the years. Liquid eyeshadow creates a “wet” or shimmery look, and cream and liquid shadow work well as a base for powder eyeshadow. 

The traditional way to use eyeshadow is to apply different colors from one corner of the eye to the other, blending from light to dark. Starting with light colors from the inner corner and blending into the dark will make the eyes appear farther and bigger. Keep in mind that light colors are used to highlight and accent the shape of the eyes, while dark colors are used to shade and deform gently.

That is why for some people, using eyeshadow is difficult in applying makeup. But that doesn’t mean you can’t. Using eyeshadow can be a problem for those new to makeup because it is a little more difficult than using other makeup. The choice of eyeshadow is critical, most people focus on choosing the color first, but the resulting color will also be different if the texture is different. Understanding the many textures out there can help you create great looks, whether they are strong and dramatic, plain and natural, or creations that are truly unique in their own right. 

What is the actual texture of the eyeshadow? Texture describes the final appearance of the eyeshadow application. The final eyeshadow affects the color effect and the final look. This applies to all formulas, including compact, liquid, and cream eyeshadow. It is definitely something to consider for the camera, especially in flash photography, but it’s also important for everyday looks. Besides that, choosing the right color of eyeshadow is also very important for your perfect makeup result. A messy color composition can make your makeup looks bad, so you need the right color gradation. There are several types of eyeshadow according to the texture;

Eyeshadow Matte

how to use eyeshadow wet

This eyeshadow is non-shimmering, so the eyeshadow matte is ideal for texture and contouring. Because it’s non-shimmering, its flat texture is great for shaping, fixing, and shadowing. Some eyeshadow is matte-like crams, while others have a drier texture. So it is best to test the eyeshadow first to find out how colored it is and how fine the powder eyeshadow is.

Eyeshadow matte is also the best choice to use as a base because it will not change the color of the eye shadow that you will apply to it. Because it gives a more shadow effect, matte eyeshadow with a light color will give a softer and more realistic highlight effect. Try it with vanilla, bone, and cream. For lighter skin tones and older skin, try ocher and mid-range beige.

Eyeshadow Shimmer

Eyeshadow Shimmer has a subtle sheen that gives it a hint of shimmer. Depending on the method, you can apply it fully or partially, and this eyeshadow does not cover the original skin tone, so it looks modern and natural.

Usually, shimmer eyeshadow does not create fine lines and wrinkles. The lightest shimmer eyeshadow works very well in the highlight to the invisible areas of the eyelids. Dark shimmer eyeshadow is great for adding drama which is not as harsh as dark matte eye shadows.

Eye Shadow Satin

A semi-mate eyeshadow that fits perfectly into the category between shimmer and matte. Satin eyeshadow is shinier than traditional matte eyeshadow and has a softer and lighter glow than shimmer, so satin eye shadow is suitable for all ages and skin tones. They can also ground the look of more textured shadows that exaggerate contours and refract light.

Eyeshadow Metallic

Eyeshadow metallic is also an option for those of you who want to look cool. When applied, the color looks futuristic and definitely makes you look up to date if you use this eyeshadow. 

As the name suggests, eyeshadow metallic has an intense metallic luster similar to real metals (gold, silver, bronze, copper, platinum, etc.). Eyeshadow metallic is ideal for wearing in the crease of the eyes with a natural look because warm metallic colors can radiate skin tone. It is also good as a liner, adding a moist and sensual effect that makes the eyes appear softer and sexier. Metal colors like rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum copper are seen everywhere this season, and they will never go out of style.

We’ve discussed and known several types of eyeshadow as written above, for now. We will learn the steps on how to use eyeshadow wet by using eyeshadow and water ;

how to use eyeshadow wet

  • Pick the right product.

This method involves using water to dampen eyeshadow wet. Fortunately, some eyeshadows are designed for this wet type of application that can be applied wet. It would be best if you kept it in mind when choosing eyeshadow that adapts.

  • Wet-to-dry eyeshadow is the best for this sort of application. “Baked” eyeshadows and loose pigment powders are also suitable.
  • Regular eyeshadows are not recommended because they will get hard and unusable if they get wet. If you must use regular eyeshadow, go for the metallic ones.
  • Keep in mind that eyeshadow will look powdery when it dries.
  • Choose a blending makeup brush.

Make sure that the brush is dense, thick, and clean. You can also use a foam-tipped eyeshadow applicator if you don’t like use brushes.

  • Consider applying a base on your eyelids.

Applying wet eyeshadow will work on just about anything. 

  • Using eyeshadow primer to help the wet eyeshadow go on smoothly
  • Use cream eyeshadow if you want a brighter color
  • Use pressed eyeshadow if you want to get a softer blending.
  • Lightly mist the brush.

You can use distilled or filtered water, makeup setting spray, and avoid tap water, as it contains harmful bacteria. Please don’t get the eyeshadow itself wet by dip the brush into the water. If the brush is too wet, dab it lightly on a clean towel. Suppose you are using a foam-tipped applicator. Lightly mist just one side. Press the wet side against the back of your hand to help saturate the brush. 

  • Rub your brush a few times on the eyeshadow palette.

Keep your brush moving back and forth in one direction. Don’t press too hard. Try to use the damp brush on only one side of the eyeshadow pan, so it can make the other side will always stay dry. If you’re using a loose powder, shake a small amount into a dish or the cap first. This way, you won’t pick up too much and end up with a clumpy mess. And if you are using a foam-tipped applicator and loose pigment, press the pigmented side against the back of your hand. This presses the pigment into a foam. It will help keep the foam from shedding loose pigment over your face.

  • Pat the eyeshadow on

Apply it all the way from the lash line to the crease. Let the first color dry if you want to apply other colors. If you want, you can even use a different color, such as in the crease. For an even brighter look, you can dust some dry eyeshadow onto the wet one.

The most important thing is to make sure when and where you want to use eyeshadow is. For daily use, dry eyeshadow with natural color is the right choice. You can choose a nude-colored eyeshadow combined with a lipstick of the same color. You can make your appearance perfect without looking too much. Applying this eyeshadow will make your looks perfect when you are working or when you are relaxing outside.


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