Making The First Move: Give Him My Number

When it comes to the relationship between man and woman, many still think that men should always make the first move. But things don’t have to work like that. Maybe you’re wondering, can I give him my number without him asking?

Of course, you can!

After we have explained that, we’ll talk more about this matter here. We’ll discuss why you can make a move first to the guy you’re interested in, such as ask for his number or give your number. And how to do that in the correct, proper, and on top of that, cute way.


Why You Can Make the First Move

i gave him my number without him asking

 There are many reasons why you can make the first move to the guy you’re interested in. But we’ll simplify them into these reasons:

You shouldn’t always wait.

In these times and days, girls, you shouldn’t always wait for things to happen. For many aspects of your life, if you’re active, pursue it rather than being passive. If you’re that interested in the guy, go for it.

Make the first move is a lot better than wasting your time waiting for him to make a move first. Or giving the clues and codes to show that you’re interested in him. Come on, girls, you’re not a girl scout. 

It won’t make you seem desperate.

Making the first move won’t make you seem desperate if that’s what you’re concerned about. If you do it right, you won’t be appeared as desperate or trying too hard. There is no shame in liking someone anyway. 

It’ll be desperate if you’re lingering around him, trying hard to get his attention without saying anything. Or even more extreme, like actively blocking other women get close to him. It’s better if you actively pursue your love, right?

You will regret more for the things you didn’t do

You may already read this quote from Mark Twain somewhere: Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.

Yep. The quote said it all. You don’t want to dwell in regret when another girl snatches the boy you like.

It’ll help you to move on faster.

Make the first move will help you move on faster if things don’t turn out well. You get the clarity that you need and save your time. Rather than dive into the uncertainty and endless questions, that’s a lot better. This attitude will help you wrap everything before involving or even falling deeper for him. You two are no match made in heaven. Move on.

Ask for His Number or Give My Number?

Many of you may wonder about this when thinking about making the first move. These two things have their pros and cons. Here are the details.

Ask for his number: Pros.


 When you ask for his number and get it, this might make him feels more exciting. He knows that you’re interested in him but doesn’t quite know when you’re going to contact him. He might be antsy waiting for your call or text or wondering what you’ll say.

In this aspect, you’re in the upper hand and have more control. After all, you’re the one who needs to take action, whether to contact him or not and when you will get him. And when you’re finally calling him, he’ll feel great. It’s more like gameplay that will give a little spark between you and him.

Ask for his number: Cons.

Asking for a number is pretty sound if you’re doing it to the guy who you already knew. But it might seem like a burden or even terrifying if you do it to a guy you just met. Just imagine if you were in his shoes and a random stranger asked for your phone number. Will you give it? Well, most likely no.

So if you consider asking for his number, make sure that you know him first. It’ll be better if you also know his personality. If he’s easygoing and friendly, it’ll increase the possibility of him giving his number.

Another thing is you may have to deal with the rejection directly and immediately. If he doesn’t want to give you his number, you’ll be rejected straight away. If you are persistent, it may give you more embarrassment than giving your number to him.

Give my number: Pros.

i gave him my number without him asking

 Besides showing that you’re interested in him, giving your number is also a way to give him a chance. You’re giving him a chance whether to contact you or not. This way, you won’t corner or even burden him. 

Giving your number is also a suitable way if you’re interested in a shy guy. The guy who will never ask for your number first may feel burdened if you ask for his. But yeah, you like him anyway. So you’re giving him the space he needs to take a step ahead with the relationship.

This method is also suitable if you’re interested in a guy you just met or barely knew. You’re may not brave enough to ask for his number, so giving your number is preferred. 

Besides that, you won’t deal with rejection and embarrassment directly. You’ll know if he didn’t have interest in you when he didn’t contact you. You get the rejection indirectly. This situation will make you feel less embarrassed.

Give my number: Cons.

What will happen if you give him your number, but he doesn’t have an interest in you? Nothing, nothing happened.

Yep, that’s the worst scenario when you’re giving your number. He didn’t contact you, and that’s it. Moreover, this would be an almost risk-free step if you did it to a guy you barely know. You won’t meet him often, anyway.

If you did it to a friend you know or still meet him here and there, you might feel a subtle awkwardness. But it’s subtle anyway, so you can brush it off and move on with your life.

How to Give Your Number

i gave him my number without him asking

 Now you know that giving your number is an almost risk-free step to make the first move. But how to do it right is pretty tricky. Here are some things you can try to do:

Engage the conversation first.

Even if you give your number to someone you just met, don’t just leave a note on his hands and dash out. He’ll be puzzled and wondering what’s this is about. At least say hi and give a simple introduction. Make sure he knows that you’re not a strange woman.

Please engage in some conversations for the first meetings. You can chit a chat with him and maybe do some flirting. This way, he won’t be shocked if you give him your number later. Along with your number, you can also suggest meeting again and have a meal together.

Create activities together

If you’re embarrassed to give your number immediately, you can create activities that link you with him. Inviting him to the movies may sound excessive so that you can try the simple ones. Such as doing a class project, going to a university event, or playing a popular game.

This way, you can give your contact number naturally. You can say you’re giving your number for the sake of those things. Of course, that’s an excuse. But at least you’re in contact with him and can get closer.

Connecting in social media

Because get connected on social media is more straightforward, you can do this as a first step. After being linked to Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, or any social media platform, you can try to get closer with him. You can take advantage of the chatting feature, then give your number naturally.

Pretend to lose your phone

This method is pretty sly, but it could seem as cute and may work well. You can say that you have lost your phone or want to check if your phone is working. Then you can give your number naturally by dialing it on his phone.

To make sure the effort won’t go to waste, you can show your interest along with this act. You can tell him to save your number, and he can contact you whenever he wants. You can also say it like this: call me if you need a company to grab dinner.

Be confident and straightforward.

This is the key: be confident and straightforward. You didn’t have to say dead-away that you like him but get to the point. That you’re interested in him and want to know him better. Men generally like women who are confident and brave. They’ll be flattered with your act, too.

I Gave My Number, Then What?

i gave him my number without him asking

 You might be asking; I gave him my number without him asking, then what? I gave him my number. When will he text me?

First, you can wait for his reaction—no need to rush. You did everything you could. You took your time too before giving your number, so give him the same. If he’s interested, he’ll contact you for sure. 

Then, how long to wait for him? You can set a time. Maybe a week. Or two weeks, if he’s a bashful guy or you like him. If he didn’t contact you even after the time’s up, wrap it. Move on with your life. There’s plenty of fish in the ocean, anyway.


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