21st of September 2019

21st of September 2019

During morning prayer the Capitulants shared the Word of God or of Sainte Angela which had accompanied them during the "retreat".

They were then invited to reflect on their dialogue with God during the silence, but with a particular  attention: to describe what they heard God say about Ursulines in this emerging future, the usual words were banned: God, Jesus, Christ, spirituality, mission, education, community, formation, Gospel, Ste Angela, evangelization, institutions, monastic/monastery, etc . For a new life, new words!

The sharing which followed was very lively with frequent bursts of laughter coming from different tables!

Next, the table-groups had to write a few sentences (more poetry than prose!) about God’s desire for Ursulines in the future, not using any of the banned words. Then, larger groups were formed by putting two table-groups together. The Sisters continued bringing together what they had heard from God the previous day. A further step: still larger groups were called to put together the calls that had been heard from God.

The day came to a close with a very beautiful cultural evening. We rejoiced in the richness of so many different cultures!