8th october 2019

8th october 2019

Today was a busy day.

A commission of four Capitulants was charged with summarizing the work of the interest groups and the movement of the Chapter.

The Assembly tried to see what process the Institute would need for the coming years.

The document of the Restructuring Commission was studied in more depth, with personal reflection, sharing at the table and in the assembly.

In the early afternoon, a very significant moment was experienced: a tree was planted in the garden of the Generalate, a symbol of the new life that begins with this Chapter, using the logo that accompanied us throughout the preparation. We read the words of Saint Angela: "Be sure that this Rule is directly planted by her holy hand.  He will never abandon this Company, as long as the world lasts. If He was the first to plant it, who will be able to uproot it? " (Last Legacy).

In the evening, during  the final prayer, we again listened to the words of our Holy Mother Angela.