11th October 2019

11th October 2019

Last day of the Chapter!

It began with sharing on the Gospel chosen for the closing Mass (John 15:9-17). Subsequently, the latest version of the document prepared by the four Sisters was reviewed.

Time was then devoted to transition from the Chapter, and returning to our Provinces of origin.

After thanking the translators and facilitators, Mother Susan declared the Chapter closed.

The Mass allowed each one to express her gratitude to the Lord for the gifts received and to pray for the journey that awaits each Sister and the entire Institute.

In the morning, the technicians set up the equipment for the streaming of the final liturgy in the afternoon. We prayed together, with many significant symbols. Through the internet, communities all over the world and our friends and collaborators prayed with us.

In the evening, we celebrated together, preparing for our return to our countries.

Tomorrow, most of us will go on pilgrimage to Assisi and in the footsteps of Saint Angela, Desenzano and Brescia.

During these weeks, we have grown in mutual knowledge and in our vocation: our hearts are full of joy and we want to continue to walk INSIEME towards a NEW LIFE!