9th of September 2019

9th of September 2019

The Sisters began on the 9th of September by sharing the Gospel of the day in groups. After that, the work with the facilitators continued.

During the morning, the Sisters were called to continue the process to get to know each other: they met in couples, sharing about themselves and the groups of yesterday. Other couples were formed and more sharing was done. In a third moment, new couples were established for further and deeper sharing. In the second part of the morning, the Sisters were invited to reflect personally on their experiences and their expectations about the General Chapter.

In the afternoon they continued to share their own experiences about the Chapter, so as to prepare to enter a new way of work and life.

We finished the day in the chapel, bringing in our prayer each Province forming the unique body of the Institute.

In the evening the Sisters of each Province, Group or Community were called to prepare a space to present their reality to all the Capitulants.