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Here we compiled before and after pictures of Sono Bello’s various procedures, ranging from laser fat removal (they’re calling it Trisculp), excess skin removal, and chin extra fat removal. We haven’t found a testimony about male chest reduction yet. We’ll keep it updated with the stories and pictures.

We took them from various sources, blogs, YouTube, and user stories (non-advertisement) to ensure factually. Many factors will contribute to the results, like the talent doctor, technology used, location, your current condition, and so on. Make sure to consult the experts after your research is done on the internet.

What they’re showing on their testimonial pages and YouTube is mainly for significant operations to lose a lot of mass and extra skin after giving birth, this is understandable to show visually appealing, direct results to the potential patients, but also can be misleading, in terms of pricing and treatment one needs to perform.

So, pick the one that represents you the most.


Testimonials from across the country

According to the National Institute of Health, nearly 80 percent of women are dissatisfied with their appearance. A cosmetic procedure that is becoming more popular is excess skin removal. These before and after pictures show how Sono Bello procedures have helped women get smooth, tight, and healthy-looking skin.

Sono Bello has been in the industry for more than 20 years. The company has accumulated enough feedback from its clients to display these testimonials proudly. These testimonials are both before and after pictures of people who underwent Sono Bello’s procedures.

Tanner Atwood, Male, 30s

He was having seventeen holes patched up for the lipo surgery and had nothing major post-op side effects. A realtor from Utah, we sourced the information from his Facebook profile

source: FB Tanner Atwood
Sono Bello Before and After Pictures
source: FB Tanner Atwood
source: FB Tanner Atwood

Adrian, Female, 34

She was a Sono Bello employee by the time of the operation and was entitled to an employee’s discount as stated in their YouTube channel. She performed double chin and Trisculpt procedures.

Here is the progress, in case you are wondering.

For the double chin removal, she underwent another operation.

Crystal, Female, 36

She went from size 10 to size 2, went through a procedure on the thigh, upper and lower abdomen, bra roll, and waist.

Based on the data from the Instagram page, we estimated it cost her around $6,000 to $9,000 to have a Sono Bello body.

Karen, Female, 54

She was didn’t recognize herself post-operation and couldn’t decide which angle best for photos because now all angles are good! She took the after photo four months after the Sono Bello procedure of excess skin removal.

Sono Bello Before and After Pictures

Teresa, Female, 53

She has a daughter, has a sinful lifestyle with junk food, and cannot get rid of only simple exercises (the bulge was stubborn).

After consultation for which operation she will undergo, she feels like reinvent herself.

Patty, Female, 41

She had put on weight, and her clothes weren’t fit anymore

She also said it’s a good investment. While everyone’s investing in restaurants and motorcycles, she’s investing in her body with confidence and feeling sexy.

Kallie Smith, Female, 30s

She is a mother of two. Her YouTube channel decided to get Sono Bello body contouring surgery after diets and exercise didn’t help eliminate her postnatal belly. After surgery, she planned to exercise still and eat the same way she had been, as she eats well (lots of proteins and veggies) and exercise well (currently average 28 miles a week jogging/running). The doctor at Sono Bello said it would take six months for her to see the final results. This video is my Sono Bello pre-op review before I go into surgery the day after.

Sono Bello Before and After Pictures

And this is not long after the surgery.

Scott, Male, 28

He was about 80 pounds overweight, and food was his escape. He was used to sitting on the couch and wearing an extra-large shirt that barely fit. After the sweater didn’t even work anymore, he decided it was time to make a change for body contouring procedures.

And after he performed the procedure.

Sono Bello Before and After Pictures

9. Shari, Female, 37

Her problem areas were always in my midsection, and she worked out at the gym as a very active person. She didn’t feel like she was getting the results that my efforts that she was putting in.

So when she thought about doing the operation, she went and had her consultation. She realized immediately this was not a weight-loss procedure. It’s body contouring procedures, and that’s what she was looking for, and she couldn’t believe the difference.

Sono Bello Before and After Pictures

It has given her inner confidence that she did not have before. It also helped her realize that she does look good and excellent. She looks in the mirror, it’s perfect, and she likes it.

Kattrina, Female, 26

She was not a very happy person before the operation and not a very comfortable person being around people who were sexier than her. she was very self-conscious about the way that she felt about herself in general, let alone what she was wearing,
and she didn’t feel comfortable in her skin at all.

She had always tried dieting and exercising. But she was discouraged from going to the gym because that wasn’t working in the areas she had problems with. Her problem areas have always been in her inner and outer thighs.

She has always had an issue wearing shorts or bathing suits in the summer and is athletic, so it was
complicated for her to grasp the fact that she had these problem areas.

Sono Bello Before and After Pictures

When she went in for the consultation and got an idea of what her body could look like, she felt more comfortable and confident, and she never thought that she would get the results.

She feels more comfortable and confident when she goes out in public to go swimming with them or goes for a jog. she can wear anything she likes and not be self-conscious about it.

Gina, Female, 45

After having children, she thought it was natural for women to start collecting fat and excess skin. She needed some time before deciding to schedule a free consultation for body contouring procedures.

Now, she could wear a bikini on a Sono Bello body and attend that wedding invitation.

Sono Bello Before and After Pictures

Debra, Female, 49

She had a round center, and her legs were kind of big. She has battled with her weight her entire life and tried everything, diet, exercise.

Then after the appointment, She needs one visit for the consultation, and then one-stop for the procedure is all it took to completely take care of all of her problem areas.

Sono Bello Before and After Pictures


When you consider any cosmetic surgery, it can be beneficial to look at before and after pictures. Here are just some of the typical questions that people ask when they are thinking about plastic surgery:

  • How long is the recovery time?
  • What is downtime like?
  • What does it cost?
  • How much can I expect to see in improvement?
  • Do I need a consultation appointment before the surgery?
  • What will happen during my consultation appointment with Sono Bello employees?

Before making a life-changing decision (their price is not low, prepare around $1,500 to 3,500 depending on the operation, some reported as even $7,000 to $11,000), you need to know whether it’s worth the effort and sacrifices you will be making (losing some fat and excess skin, time, and mental preparation).

Assure that the problem is something you can’t remove by other treatments, notably exercises and diet. Then with our before and after photos of the Sono Bello operation, you can decide if the procedure suits your needs if it’s worth getting a Sono Bello body.

After you get the details from them, the doctor and the procedure, extra tips from us ask for doctor-patient references. They likely won’t give you. Still, you can search away from the internet (forums and Facebook groups). Like this, you will get some additional peace of mind before going to the operation table.


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