What Should I Wear to the Price is Right Game Show?

The Price Is Right is an American television game show broadcast since the 1950s. The general idea of the game show is that contestants are required to guess the prices of products to win prizes.

The host, Drew Carey, also has responsibility for explaining how to play the game and what would happen to a contestant who did not accurately guess the price of a prize. There is no specific dress code for the Price is Right game show, but there are unwritten rules on what NOT to wear to the show.


The Rules

This part is essential to include anything else but in this list with the underlying reasons.

Do not wear any sports logo shirts.

The logo might distract you, be too revealing, or has a conflicting interest in the show.

Do not advertise anything.

This rule is rather apparent. It could be a violation of CBS’s contract with their advertisers.

Do not wear whites

Whites don’t do too well on camera because of the lighting on the stage.

Either make your shirt or wear something generic.

Do not wear open-toed shoes, high heels, or sandals.

It would be best if you were active and energetic in the show, pick footwear more suitable to your mobility.

What should I wear to the price is right game show

The Stages

Coming on, There are stages before you meet the host and join the game show. What you wear could determine the outcome of whether you will be in the game (or even winning the prize) or not. This is an insider guide sourced from many contestants of the show. First, let us run through the stages.

Show up in the studio.

The first step to participating in the show is to get tickets. Contestants are taken from among the ticket holders for each taping. Tickets are free (make sure you meet all of the eligibility requirements). The game is always held in Los Angles, California, for the entire run (except that one-time 30th Anniversary Special). You can wear anything for this stage.

Taping session

Early in the day on the day of taping, audience members are assigned name tags with identification numbers marked on them. These name labels are the ones that you see on the show in the form of price tags. This is the time for you and your wardrobe to shine.

Furthermore, Audience members are brought into the studio in small groups of ten or twelve at a time. Those picked to play the game are informed and remain with the remainder of the audience to anticipate their names being announced.

That said, only nine audience members are selected for every episode. Of these nine participants, only six will get it past Contestant’s Row and make it to play the game. They are observed and interviewed while waiting in line outside the studio.

They pick a pool of potential contestants who show energy, charisma, and stage presence.

Therefore, try to get some attention with custom-made T-shirts with funny, quirky sayings about the show, the games, or even the host. These shirts are a great way to draw viewers in and make them feel a part of the program.

If you choose to continue the DIY path and print your T-shirt, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. Use durable markers or fabric paints that will not run or fade if it gets sweaty, rained on, or otherwise dampened.

It is also recommended to wear lighter colored t-shirts to the price is right game show because it will help you stand out and makes it easier for the host to see you and the shirt’s message during the game.

Authenticity is the key, don’t go overboard with the excitement.

Waiting game

The producers will interview everyone in order after the studio lot doors have opened. They will ask your name, where you’re from, and your occupation. It would help if you answered the questions sincerely and eagerly, with a touch of humor. Don’t put on atmospheres for or try to smooth favor with the producers.


Is there a dress code for the price is right?

They listed the dress code on the ticket:

  • No Smart, Digital, or Fitness Watch of any kind are allowed
  • No corporate logos or obscene phrases/pictures on any garments
  • No costumes, hats, tiaras. Please avoid wearing white-colored apparel
  • No sandals or heels authorized: close-toed, flat shoes only
  • Mobile phones are not permitted in the studio and will be checked in with

What are the examples of funny saying ideas to put on the shirt?

You can put one below on your shirt:

  • “I like big wheels, and I cannot lie.”
  • “It would make me hollaa if you let me bid one dollaa.”
  • “It’s funny, but I really need that car.”
  • “Drew, please pick us 2 come on down.”
  • “Keep calm and come on down.”
  • “Drew, let’s party like it’s $19.99.”

Moreover, you can try also coupling ideas with your partner:

  • “pick my dad,” “pick also my daughter.”
  • “crazy price is right lady,” “crazy price is right gentleman.”

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