What to Wear to an Anniversary Party? 16 Ideas For You!

While receiving an invitation, you feel extremely excited. Therefore, you need to dress up. You may choose to wear either formal or casual attire. What you wear is up to you, but the theme of the night should be clearly indicated on your invitation. You must stick to the dress code. If in doubt, check with the host. This way, you can be sure to appear neat and appropriate.

Let’s check out how we can get creative with what’s in our closet.


Knee-Length Navy Blue Dress

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If you have no idea what to wear to an anniversary party, you can always stick to a beautiful dress.

Nothing could go wrong with a dress when it comes to attending a celebration.

This beautiful blue dress, for example, would be great for you. It has an asymmetrical and ruffles bottom coming in a sheer material that will make you look elegant.

Also, the combination of navy color and the design makes it perfect for an evening celebration. You will love it!

If you have a rectangular body shape, try wearing a thin gold belt at the narrowest part of your waist.

This way, you can accentuate this area while balancing your upper body.

What to Wear to an Anniversary Party Held in the Afternoon?

what to wear to an anniversary party
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Sometimes, the hosts will not splurge out at a fancy hotel or restaurant for this type of celebration. 

They will invite you to a daytime luncheon in their house, instead. 

Since it is a semi-formal celebration held in the afternoon, you may not want to be overdressed. 

Thereupon, you have to wear something nice and modest, like this halter neck maxi dress.

This ruffles maxi dress comes in green, which is perfect for a daytime party in the summer. Besides, pair it with an ankle strap and a clutch bag coming in a neutral color.

Striped Skater Dress for a Casual Wedding Anniversary Party

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Some couples prefer to throw an anniversary party in their backyards for a more relaxed vibe. 

If that is the case, you can opt for a casual outfit, like sundresses and sandals. Also, try this striped skater dress.

This knee-length fitted-bodice dress comes in beige and white stripes, perfect for a casual daytime party.

Furthermore, the dress has a bow-tie accent that makes it look cute. Pair this outfit with a simple necklace and gladiators.

Navy Floral Cocktail Dress for a Semi-Formal Party

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If you are attending a semi-formal anniversary party, a knee-length cocktail dress will be your safe bet because it is cute, breathable, and comfortable.

You should take this A-line dress into your consideration, especially if you have not decided on what to wear to an anniversary party.

It comes in navy blue with cute floral accents at the bottom.

Then, try pairing this cocktail dress with a crystal necklace and earrings set along with pumps. Finally, tie up your outfit with a clutch bag.

Ivory Vintage Dress

what to wear to an anniversary party
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Some people like to throw a themed party, meaning the host has set the dress code. Then, if you are attending a 50s-themed anniversary party, what should you wear?

The 50s-themed party is a throwback to the era of Audrey Hepburn. 

Therefore, try to dress up like her. It means you need to wear a classic A-line dress and have your hair done.

Likewise, this vintage ivory-white knee-length dress is perfect for a 50s-themed party. It features long sleeves and a V-shaped collar that exposes your beautiful back. 

Moreover, pair it with nude peep-toed shoes, and you are good to go.

Lace Knee-Length Mermaid Dress with Bead Accent

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Are you looking for something luxurious without making you overdressed? This dress would be the best one.

Also, this knee-length navy dress will be a great choice for a nighttime dinner party. 

It comes in lace accents at the sleeves and the bottom, adding elegance to your look instantly. 

Additionally, the bead accents around the neckline and the bottom make this dress look lavish. 

Even if you are not wearing a necklace, you will still have this pretty built-in accessory. 

Then, all you need to do is just putting on your open-toed high-heels and carrying your clutch bag.

Burgundy Off-Shoulder Mini Dress

what to wear to an anniversary party
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You obviously have beautiful shoulders, so do not hide them away. 

Hence, you might be wondering what to wear to an anniversary party – something pretty and simple that can flaunt them as well.

Therefore, this mini dress can be your best bet.

To round out the look, you can pair your off-shoulder dress with statement earrings, an envelope clutch bag, and pumps.

Patterned Dress for a Casual Backyard Party

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Are you looking for a simple dress that you can wear to attend a casual anniversary party? What about this green collared mini dress?

This mini dress will suit a garden party where the host deliberately serves the refreshments in the backyard.

So, the guests can enjoy delectable food and beverage while adoring the landscaping.

It has distinctive patterns that match a garden-themed anniversary party. Since you are attending a casual party, you need to keep down the accessories to a minimum.

Additionally, do not go overbroad. Chunky-heeled sandals and a shoulder bag would be enough.

What to Wear to an Anniversary Party in Summer

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This one is another outfit for an informal anniversary party held in the backyard. 

Instead of wearing a one-piece dress, you can make your own combination. For instance, a knee-length skirt with a blouse will do.

Apparently, a lace skirt can get along well with a turquoise blouse, thanks to the floral accent that matches the A-line skirt immensely. 

Further, finish it off with bracelets, a handbag, pumps, gladiators, or even sandals.

White Cape Jumpsuit

what to wear to an anniversary party
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Maybe you are not a dress person. You do not even feel comfortable when wearing a skirt, a gown, and all that jazz.

If you wonder what to wear to an anniversary party, but you do not want to go in a dress, you can try a jumpsuit.

This type of outfit offers an elegant look while resembling the comfort of jeans. Besides, this jumpsuit, for example, looks great with an asymmetrical cape on top.

Since this outfit comes in white, you can wear it on any occasion, all year round, including an anniversary party.

Finish it off with T-strapped or open-toed high heels, dangle earrings, and a handbag.

Kate-Inspired Formal Outfit

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Everybody knows Kate Middleton. Not only her attitudes but also fashion style inspire many women around the world. 

Yes. Kate is such a fashionable lady who always looks great with whatever she wears on any occasion.

Likewise, she looks beautiful in this red gown. The asymmetrical neckline accentuates her neck and shoulders. 

Also, match the dress with red pumps and a clutch. For the final touch, add dangling earrings and a small broach.

What to Wear to an Anniversary Party for Plus Size Ladies

what to wear to an anniversary party
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For plus-size ladies, choosing the right dress can be a bit challenging. If you become one of them, do not be hopeless. 

Thus, opt for a dress that features a fitted top and flared bottom.

Furthermore, choosing a patterned one will be better to enhance your exquisite look.

Simple Glam Outfit

what to wear to an anniversary party
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A celebration tends to be formal or semi-formal. It means you will need a dress to attend it. Well, that is not always true.

Are you wondering what to wear to an anniversary party because you do not have any proper gown?

Do not worry! Try to mix and match anything you can find in your closet, even a basic T-shirt and a skirt.

Thus, you might be surprised knowing that you can wear that casual outfit at an anniversary party.

Likewise, find a long-sleeved basic T-shirt, preferably the black one. After that, tuck it into a gold A-line skirt.

Additionally, to round out your look, you can wear a necklace and low pump shoes.

Red Velvet Pencil Dress

what to wear to an anniversary party
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Red is the color of affection, energy, and passion. When it comes to a velvet dress, all you get is a sexy look.

So, you can include it in your list if you have not decided on what to wear to an anniversary party yet.

Hence, this red velvet pencil dress will accentuate your rectangular body shape.

Besides, this outfit has long sleeves that will protect you from the cold, making it a perfect dress for a dinner party in the evening.

Satin Wrap Dress

what to wear to an anniversary party

Nothing could beat the elegance of a satin dress. Therefore, choose this type of outfit if you are going to attend an extravagant anniversary party.

This gray satin dress looks simple yet luxurious. Also, it features a V neckline with cami straps that accentuate your shoulders. 

Additionally, find a belt that highlights your waist, making your apple-shaped body look amazing.

Pink Cocktail Dress

what to wear to an anniversary party
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Well, you are a simple person that wants something modest. So, have you decided on what to wear to an anniversary party yet?

Try this one. The pink cocktail dress is simple and cute. It features a flattering square neckline and an open back.

More importantly, you will feel comfortable with it because of the chiffon and jersey fabric.

Above all, before deciding what to wear to an anniversary party, you must know the type of celebration you are attending. This way, you can dress properly.


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