Why are Stand Mixers so Expensive?

Stand mixer, handheld mixer, there are so many options in the mixer categories. One question raised in mind why are stand mixers so expensive from the other choices? Indeed, there is an excellent reason behind it. 

Stand mixers are not just a bowl and a whisk. They have so many attachments and settings that the price of the mixer is justified.

Stand mixers are a must-have kitchen gadget. They have two main styles that people can choose from, handheld or stand mixer. Both have their own sets of features to help you with your cooking needs. Stand mixers work with the power of your arm, while handheld mixers use a cordless motor.

The reason why stand mixer expensive

The stand mixer has a great handle that makes baking and other cooking activities a lot easier. Its high specification also means sturdy stand mixers are expensive.

A stand mixer is a kitchen appliance that has a lot of use cases. It can be used for baking, kneading dough, whipping up eggs, and many other tasks. It is more expensive than the standard mixers because it has many advanced features which make it more versatile and durable.

While the stand mixer does come at a higher price tag, there are some definite advantages to investing in one. The stand mixer has a great handle that makes baking and other cooking activities a lot easier. Its high specification also makes it more durable and reliable than other mixers.


A stand mixer can do many things, from beating a dozen eggs, kneading dough, grind meat, making pasta, and other stuff without breaking a sweat. 


Its parts are meant to last. Stand mixers are primarily high in quality and durable. It is the kind of kitchen appliance that is passed on from grandma to grandchildren. 

Kitchen Accessories

You tend to put your appliance aside in a hidden cupboard. Having stand mixers at home is something to brag about in the kitchen. It has become a part of the decoration. 

Comparing Stand Mixers Option 

There are some cost-friendly stand mixers to choose from. They are a great device to enhance your baking and cooking activities. Here are the best stand mixer review and their unique benefit. 

  • Affordable Option 

Hamilton Beach 6 Speed Electric Stand Mixer 


Price of $89.99

This is considered the best budget with many features that stand mixer can do with minimum cost. 

Hamilton Beach Classic Hand and Stand Mixer

why are stand mixers so expensive

Price of $50.00

It is a mixture of hand and stands mixer. This option is cheaper because it is a less mixing option but great for a beginner. 

  • Best Overall 

KitchenAid 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

why are stand mixers so expensive

Price $700

This brand is famous for its multiple mixing and long-lasting parts. 

Cuisinart 5.5-Quart Stand Mixer 


Price $203

An excellent choice for anyone who wants an affordable mixer without sacrificing its multiple abilities

  • Small Stand Mixers

KitchenAid Artisan Mini Tilt-Head Stand Mixer


Price $ 559

Lighter and smaller are the most stand mixer. It has 3.5-Quart, so half performance than most of the other options. This is a famous brand that can be reliable for any situation. 

Mini Angel Stand Mixer

why are stand mixers so expensive

Price $99.99

This is a less popular brand, so the price is five times pricier. However, the performance is equally reliable. 

  • Best High-End

Wolf Gourmet High-Performance Stand Mixer at Williams-Sonoma



The mixer is a combination of popular brand and quality. 

KitchenAid 7-Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer

why are stand mixers so expensive

Price $ 700

This is a cheaper brand in the high-end level suitable for making a big batch. 

What Spesification in Stand Mixer That makes them Expensive

The Motor 

Most stand mixers have a solid motor that runs fast and doesn’t burn out in time. 


The more additional attachment for different types of mixing add the price. You have something for meat, eggs, vegetable, making dough, pasta, etc. 

Parts availability

You can buy stand mixers parts when they break down. You cant do that with a cheap mixer. If they broke, buy a new one, it is cheaper that way. 

Alternatives to Stand Mixers 

Don’t have a stand mixer yet? Too bad, they are quite a time saver and not to mention an energy saver. What is your option if you don’t have it at home?

Mix by hand

Get down and work that dough. Hopefully, you produce enough strength to get that beautiful dough for various necessities.

Food processor

You have to rely on a food processor for those slicing and dicing ingredients that most stand mixers can do better and cleaner. 

Hand mixer 

Maybe you have used a mixer from your mother. It is an excellent replacement for a stand mixer. It doesn’t do much, but it will have to do. 

Tips and Tricks

These mixers are expensive. You even have to worry if they are too cheap. There are some things to consider when picking a stand mixer for yourself. 


Some stand mixers are expensive because of their brand is. So, the trick is to choose a brand that aligns with your budget, then pick an ideal for your condition. 


The more versatile a product, the more expensive they are. Don’t settle for anything less than stand mixers, one kitchen device that can do so many things. 


Look for the guaranteed service from your appliance. Most of them have a 2 – 3 years warranty which is quite a lot for kitchen items. 

Have you found the realization that you are looking for? Hopefully, there is no wonder why are stand mixer so expensive anymore. Quality often comes at a great price. You can be a professional baker, a great cook, and a food enthusiast with a reliable stand mixer by your side. 



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